Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It was worth the long wait!!

Starting at 7:15 am this morning, it took nearly three hours in line at my neighborhood fire station to get to the voting booth, but I came prepared with a book (of course!), a snack, and a happy outlook.

Our polling station is tiny, so the line of voters snaked out the door and down the block. I'm delighted to say that I have never seen anywhere near this kind of turnout at the precinct in the 11 years I've lived in the neighborhood. It could easily have been five times the usual turnout, maybe more. Literally everyone and their grandmother showed up today!

Luckily we've had gorgeous weather: low 70's and sunny, so no excuses for anyone. The poll workers did their best to keep things moving, and generally did a great job.

Since I had so much time on my hands while in line, I had a chance to catch up with neighbors, and meet new people. I even got invited to a neighbor's party on Friday night! For the most part, people in line with me were at the least pleasant, some even joyful. It meant alot to me to feel like such a part of my local community. All in all it was great to be taking place in a national event that felt so momentous, and I've been grinning all day.

Change is on the way!

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Ann O'Dyne said...

I pray for his safety and know that if anyone hurts him there will be civil war.