Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Dog and the Fruit Trees

Photographic evidence of why we don't end up with many figs at the end of the summer....
Jack likes to snack on them before they're even ripe!

I also have a couple of low-branching apple trees that finally, many years after being planted, have baby apples on the branches. Pointy Boy has decided that small, hard green apples are his next-favorite tasty treat. We all know what havoc green apples can wreak on the digestive system, right? Y'all, it's not good.

I guess one of the joys of being a dog is that absolute living-in-the-moment consciousness, and the bliss of stealing apples from the tree and crunching them up far outweighs the tummy rumbles (and worse) that come later.

Dogs + Gardens - it's a challenge some days.

For Miss Janey... since she mentioned fig trees recently.


Silly Monkey said...

It's always something with dogs, isn't it? If they're not eating the fruit, they're trying to dig up the whole tree.

Great Dame said...

LOL, oh definitely. I haven't even mentioned that that red hellhound is trying to dig to China in her search for chipmunks. Unfortunately, the chipmunks are living in the wall of the raised perennial bed where my roses and irises are! She's not usually such a digger, but this year she is obsessed. Or possibly posessed. ;-)

Miss Janey said...

Thanks for the mention, Great Dame. Miss J jas lost many a fig to Junior (as well as her fig tree).

Venetian furniture said...

What a lovely dog!