Monday, May 4, 2009

Four Things

1) An add-on to book binge vampires... J.R. Ward's latest installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lover Avenged = very very good.

2) While surfing around for other things, I found this website: Loves Vampires. It's a website dedicated to 'vampire fiction' and they occasionally interview authors. There's a fairly recent interview with J.R. Ward that gives an interesting insight into how she views her own characters.

3) Vampire-ish, but not strictly related, I can't say enough good things about the Cleolinda Jones: Occupation, Girl site, especially her installments of The Secret Lives of Dolls (SLoD). Cleo is a writer of many talents and much humor. She is also a doll/action figure collector, and her Shelfian community is a pan-fandom mash-up of characters from a variety of movies, including several characters from Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass, Pirates of the Carribbean, Van Helsing, and probably a few more. And, as of last week, the community on the Shelf also includes not one but two sparklepire versions of Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga. Once you get past any lingering hesitation you might have about reading about dolls, then it's a fantastic and hilarious serial story -with photos!- about a bunch of characters that you probably already like. And Cleo's ability to draw out different sides of the same character, the way she's done with The Littlest Edward and Tonner Edward (or EdwardTallen, take your pick) is wonderfully insightful. Go check it out!
Occupation, Girl's Secret Life of Dolls: The Littlest Edward

4) X Men Origins: Wolverine = hell yes!


Miss Janey said...

Great Dame can keep the vampires... MIss J will take Wolverine!

Great Dame said...

Oh yes, Mr. Jackman makes a fine Wolverine!

And I'm moving on from the vamps in the next post, I swear! ;-)

Kwana said...

Four very good things. I had a great time at Wolverine. MY J.R. ward encounter a a writer's conference last year was so insightful and really blew my mind. I blogged on it here:

Great Dame said...

Kwana, that is so cool that you got to meet J.R. Ward!!! Between your blog, and some of the author blogs I've been reading, it's intriguing to hear about all the writers' conferences going on. I'm not a writer by any stretch, but I bet it would be really cool to go to one of the conferences as an observer (if you could actually do that).