Monday, June 23, 2008

Pensive and Pondering....

the mysteries of the universe, and the eternal questions like why am I here, and what's it all about, and what the hell kind of flooring is affordable yet resistant to dog damage?!

Meanwhile my sister and BIL have some real, health-related issues going on.

So, the canines and I are checking out for a bit to do some pondering, perusing, perambulating, and uh, damn, what's another P-word?

Anyway, you get the gist: we're taking a tiny little break, until our heads clear a bit.

Hope to be back, and back on track with the dish on Deco, design, and daily life musings soon.

PS. I don't usually (ever!) post about music, but I was lucky enough to catch Paul Thorn open for the Shawn Colvin concert here in Atlanta Friday night. He is a fantastic and very very funny performer, bluesy and soulful, and his CD became the soundtrack for the rest of my weekend. Please, pretty please check him out HERE.

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