Monday, August 11, 2008

Christmas in August - sorta

Well, it involves mistletoe at least, but not in the usual way.

While I was doing other chores in the back yard last night, Miss Ophelia found a few hefty twigs of storm blown mistletoe, of all things, and decided that it looked like a fun chew toy. I eventually glanced over to see what she was doing, shrieked, and promptly took her treasure away.

I had a sneaking suspicion that this isn't the kind of plant a pet ought to be nibbling. A quick trip to the internet revealed that mistletoe is indeed considered toxic to pets. The berries are the worst part of the plant, but pretty much the whole thing can cause a variety of horrible traumas, or death, if consumed in enough quantity. HERE is some info. And more HERE.

Interestingly, there is also some data HERE from tests done to study the anti-cancer properties European Mistletoe.

Fortunately, Ophelia is a 110 lb. Great Dane, so the after the folks at Poison Control and the county Emergency Vet got over the fact that some fool was calling with a mistletoe question in freakin' August, they all agreed that her actual risk probably wasn't too terrible given her body weight. The toxic affects are horrible, though, so They also agreed that there was no point in taking chances, and that a purge was needed ASAP. Bring on the hydrogen peroxide!

Lucky for me, my friend and neighbor, Louis, was game to help wrangle a very squirmy, very big dog while I dumped the appropriate, vet-recommended amount of hydrogen peroxide down her gullet. The peroxide did the trick, spectacularly. Fortunately, all traces of mistletoe were expelled, and Oph seems to be in fine shape.

In case you're wondering where in the hell the mistletoe came from....Our neighbor has a very large oak tree that has lots of this parasitic plant growing in the canopy. I think that the combo of drought, followed by some very windy summer storms knocked the plant right out of the tree - and into my yard.

So, how was your Sunday night?!


Ream O Rama said...

OK, like, eeewwwww.
And I was getting upset about Boo and Scout getting into the basil plants. Peroxide, hmm? Glad it worked and Miss O is OK tho.

Great Dame said...

Yes, definitely not a fun exercise. But you know what freaked me out more? The utterly surreal randomness of the whole affair. One minute it's a lovely, relaxed evening, the next minute I'm calling Poison Control!

Oh, and bad Boo and Scout! Stay out of mama's basil!

Silly Monkey said...

See, good things come from being large. I keep telling my boys that. :)

It's amazing how quickly they can get into trouble, isn't it? I'm glad she's okay. I hadn't heard of using peroxide.

Miss Janey said...

Great pics and good save. The Janeys met a similar looking dane this weeknd. What gorgeous dogs.