Thursday, August 14, 2008

Design Love: Loys Lucha

Apologies to my blog friends, I didn't mean to let you linger with the story of Miss Ophelia's plight for so long. How about seeing something pretty instead?!

During some of my recent strolls through Ebay, I've stumbled upon two names that are new to me: Loys Lucha and Degue. Both are names of French designers, or design firms more correctly, during the Art Deco period of the 1920's who created glass ceiling lights, or plafonniers. One thing led to another, until I came up with a collection of photos of beautiful ceiling lights. I'll separate this into two posts, one about each designer.

Loys Lucha specialized in colorful enameled glass, most often with stylized, vibrant flower patterns. The shallow glass bowl-shaped shades were typically suspended by a trio of either silk cords or metal chains from a central ceiling canopy, and had a single bulb suspended above the glass shade. The photos shown here primarily show the gorgeous patterns on the shades.

I haven't been able to find much information on the designer on the internet, so if someone is more knowlegable, please enlighten me. Here are some gorgeous examples:


And Modernism Gallery in Coral Gables, FL has had some stunning examples:

While the prices listed for several, ok, all of these lights are beyond the reach of many of us mere mortals, I have seen a handful of lights in this style on Ebay.


Miss Janey said...

ooooh. pretty.

Anonymous said...

I bought a lamp Loys-Luchas (the last that you introduce in your list) on Ebay. It's a superb object.

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Can you tell me where where I can find the electrical cords?
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