Thursday, December 18, 2008

In Which I Swoon; or Covet-Worthy Objects

Detail of French Art Deco 1930's oak sideboard with marble top

Who would I be if I had this amazing piece of furniture art?

Surely having a such a massive, beautifully crafted, utterly utterly French statement piece would automatically convey a slimmer, younger, more glamorous appearance just by being around it? It would just have to have a fabulosity aura around it, don't you think?

I mean, I think you'd practically be required to drink martinis or gorgeous little cockails out a perfect cocktail shaker if you were standing nearby. Perhaps a glass of wine would be allowable, but certainly nothing so prosaic as beer would be allowed within a 20' radius.

Horrible photo, but can you see how big that sideboard is?! Look for the black and white marble top below the verdigris figures. It must be 7' long!

And if one simply had to smoke, then tiny dark cigarettes would be the deal, and only if they were taken out of a beautiful silver cigarette case, and lit by only the most stylish of lighters. You can be sure that anything happening in the same room with this piece would be an event.

Or perhaps it's 10 years later, and you think that exotic figurative designs on furniture are so over. You want something a little more abstract, bit less decadent and a bit more refined. Fewer gin martinis, more Manhattans and scotch. The return of the tailored, fitted waistline and knee length hemlines. A little something like this just might fit the mood:

1940's Art Deco Dresser with inlay and brass rope drawer pulls, part of a 7 piece set

Sideboard and Dresser both available at Antiques and Beyond.

All pure fantasy of course, but YUM!


Ream O Rama said...

Ummm, then of course, one would have to buy a new house just to fit it in with The Dogs; since some us have inexplicable collections of Danes and Newf mixes in teeny tiny little houses. Not to mention that our other pieces of furniture would feel inadequate and woefully small next to such gorgeousity and we'd have to buy more furniture to make our dejected chaise feel better, and of course we'd be broke because we'd hocked our first born to buy lots of lovely antiquey pieces to fill our bigger house. Then Christmas would come followed by lots of expensive sibling birthdays and we'd be forced into foreclosure for the house payment we could no longer afford and we'd end up living inside of the lovely sideboard with our dogs for company. But of course, we'd still drink our glam vodka; it would be just straight from the bottle.

(Merry freakin' Christmas)

PS. Happy Birthday to you!

Great Dame said...

Precisely!!! It was the combo of the need for a second mortgage to buy the piece, followed by a third morgage required to build an extra room to house the sideboard that kinda turned me off. Or made me face reality. However you want to put it. ;-)

Happy birthday to you too my dear!

Ream O Rama said...

You've been tagged! Doubly since the Divine Miss Janey got you you better answer.

ArchitectDesign said...

OMG -i'll take both please! that first one especially :-)