Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vampire Weekend

You know, when life gets weird, sometimes it just pays to drop off the radar for a little while....

First, I was berated by a homeless man - for being an uptight white woman who wouldn't give him any money, and for having (a little) gray in my hair.


I mean, all I said was 'no' and kept walking, and for that he got personal about some gray hair?! Stinky bastard - at least I didn't say that out loud!

Then, only a week later, I'd had a rough week at work and wanted to just chill out come Friday night. So I stopped at my regular bookstore, and was wandering the aisles somewhat aimlessly. At some point, I glanced around and noticed a guy a few aisles away. Didn't think much of it at first, but something seemed off. So I wander a little further away, and glance back.

And holy crap, the pervy bastard is um, ahem....fully exposed and wanking in the middle of Borders Books. After I stopped giggling with nerves, I told one of the employees, and security escorted him out. I am an unabashed book nerd, so this was really unsettling. I mean bookstores are my happy place, so that's just....nasty.

That same weekend, I also went with a friend who does dog rescue to check out a situation in AL. The short version is, the owner had some hard times befall her, so she needed to find new homes for her eight Great Danes - 8!! And oh, by the way, she lives in a cabin in the woods, and doesn't have heat in the house. She's got shower curtains across the doors so the dogs can come and go. Arggghhhh!

me with Cinderella, one of the 'Alabama 8'

So, let's just say that there were nine kinds of crazy going on with the dog owner, and the do-gooding families that came to check out the dogs for possible adoption. Four of the eight dogs did get adopted, but....it just, it...wasn't good. It was a very good reminder of why I don't do dog rescue stuff any more. I promptly went home, locked the door, fixed a stiff drink, and curled up with my own dogs.

Is it any wonder that by the time Thanksgiving week rolled around, I'd had it with crazy? Sure I still had to go to Thanksgiving dinner with my family, but that seemed do-able - with alcohol. So, on a whim, I started the first book in the Twilight series, just to see what all the fuss was about. I thought, "Oh sure, teenager falls in love with a vampire, blah blah blah. And what's all this crap about sparkling?"

Five days, four books, and one movie later, I finally came up for air.

And ya know, I feel a lot better.

Twilight: Bella and Edward

Let me just say that the Twilight series isn't good, exactly. No matter what your age, if you're a reasonably independent-woman sort, much of it will make you screech with rage and/or befuddlement. But it's very very entertaining escapism - especially when real life is throwing (literal) wankers and Alabama rednecks your way, ya know?

Damn, I'm still a teenager - at least in my head.

I'd had no idea how huge the whole Twilight thing was until the movie hype started a few months ago. If you're old, with, like, gray in your hair and stuff, and don't know about it all, there's oodles of fandom sites out there. And they are absolutely rabid about the books, and the casting of the movie, and they take it all very seriously.

Actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, from Twilight

On the other hand, if you're like me and feel rather sheepish about liking the books, despite how silly some of it is, then please please check out the awesome Cleolinda's take on everything Twilight, especially her three theories on why it's so popular. It's a snarkfest, in a good, fan-ish way.

Oh, and yes, to be completely nerdy, Vampire Weekend (the band) was in my cd player all weekend.


LaurelO said...

I am resisting investigating the Twilight series ... I did manage to get caught up in the Charlaine Harris series of vampire books (upon which the "True Blood" HBO series is based) ...

Great Dame said...

Hi Laurel, thanks for stopping in! You've got a gorgeous blog, can't wait to check it out further.

As for my recent vamp obsession, I'm with you on the Charlaine Harris books. I enjoyed those, although for a while there I got really tired of just how MUCH Sookie was getting beat up. I think later on the series picks back up again when Quinn the tiger shows up. ;-) (What is it about recent vampire books that they now seem to be required to have a shape shifter or two as well?!) Anyway, I like those books, and think HBO has done a really good job with the TV series. Go Lafayette!

Anyway, as far as the whole Twilight thing goes, I'm a looong way out of my teens (see the gray hair reference), but I'd still recommend the first book, at least. It's fun escapism without a whole lotta thinking required - much better if you don't think too much actually!

Miss Janey said...

Miss J's 20-something cousins talked of seeing "Twilight" all this past weekend. It never happened.

As for the homeless guy, hm. No feigned, "God bless you" after a rejection. Interesting strategy he's implementing. Miss J hopes it doesn't catch on. One can't give $ to everyone & Miss J hates to think what someone might say to her and what she might imprudently say back.

Ream O Rama said...

Last time I gave something to a homeless guy (it was my lunch banana) he winged it and hit me in the back with it. Never. Again. Oh and what about Legless Joe in Charleston...remember him? Panhandle all day and ride home in a Caddy for dinner. Never again, cold beyotch that I am.

BTW, Twilight? I'm just starting on #3 and can't wait to see if she gets vampirized ;)

Great Dame said...

Miss J, I know what ya mean. I said a whole bunch of shit back to the homeless guy - in my mind, once I got safely to Smithy's studio space. In real life, I'd just come from an event with maybe a couple hundred people but once out on the street there may as well have been tumbleweeds drifting down the street. It was empty like an old west confrontation scene, and nobody had my back, so I kept my mouth shut!

ROR, was Legless Joe the guy who sold pencils, or am I getting my homeless dudes mixed up?! I can't believe a guy threw a banana back at you - that's crazy! I must be one cold beyotch too, 'cause I simply don't ever give handouts to people on the street. Ever.

Re Twilight, I promise no spoilers here, but please please tell me once you get to Breaking Dawn. There is some way insane stuff in that book. ;-)

Ream O Rama said...

Oh yeah, Legless Joe started selling his $1 pencils after his bazillionth arrest for panhandling and assault with a deadly fruit LOL

Kwana said...

Oh poor you with all the crazy lately. It's just too much. I just finished Twilight recently and loved it at 39. I blogged about it a bit too much myself. I'm on a but of a Vampire kick right now with the Charlaine Harris books which the HBO True Blood series are based on. I'm really enjoying them.

I just found your blog and it's great.