Friday, February 13, 2009

In Honor of Valentine's Day....

Mermaids? Mer-people?
17th Century booty call?
Whatever, share the love, people!

These images are just a glimpse of the many, many, many amazing tile panels
at the Fronteira Palace, built in the 1660's outside of Lisbon, Portugal.

Hope you all have a happy weekend with your main squeeze.

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Fabulastic said...

Oh my! I would never expect to see Portuguese azulejos in an American blog!

The Palácio da Fronteira examples are the very best.

I have fair collection of contemporary azulejos. My favourite one is from Paula Rego and it from a limited edition of the same ones she made for the Palácio da Fronteira.

All the examples in the Palace from the 17h cebtury, but in one garden they had 4 benches with azulejos representing the four elements. The fire ensemble was missing so the Marquis asked her to do it some years ago at the same time that Antonio Tabuchi wrote a book about it.