Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Art-filled Spring; or What I Did on My Blogging Vacation

Painting by Scott Dupree

Back from blogging hiatus....
The last several weeks have been busy to say the least. And two of the things that I do when stressed from a hectic life is to escape into art and interesting images, and escape into books (more on that later).

Matador #2, Scott Dupree

So, inspired in part by the ongoing discussions about including art in your everyday life over at Style Court, I've gone to a couple of gallery openings from one end of Atlanta to the other lately. Smithy and I checked out Clayton Santiago's beautiful, moody paintings at the Emily Amy Gallery a couple weeks ago. (Check out Clayton's website HERE.) It's well worth a visit to see his paintings as well as the other works represented at the gallery. And check out the newly emerging Westside Arts District while you're at it.

Flier, Scott Dupree

I also took in the recent opening at the Swan Coach House Gallery: Scratching the Surface: Southern Mark-making in Arts and Crafts. It's an interesting show that incorporates work in several genres: painting, ceramics, metal, and wood. While at the show, I even got carried away enough to purchase two pieces - a pair of ceramic mugs by the talented Rebeka Strickland. Check out the slide show at the link above. (I bought the doe mug!)

Reindeer, Scott Dupree

On the slate for this weekend is a show that I'm really excited about; an art reception for our friend Scott Dupree at the Portal Gallery (also home to the Atlanta Printmakers' Studio), located in the West End. Through Smithy, I've met a lot of talented artists, but Scott's work is consistantly among my favorites. All of these older works shown are acrylic and wax crayon on panel. Rumor, i.e. Smithy, has it that the new show will have a lot of works on paper.

Trojan Horse #2, Scott Dupree

Trojan Horse #3, Scott Dupree

We Want You, Scott Dupree


Style Court said...

Jenn, I'm SO happy you included the Swan Coach House link and thrilled you bought something from Becky Strickland.

Great Dame said...

Style Court, I hadn't been to the Coach House Gallery in at least a couple of years, so it was fun to check it out all over again. And I LOVE Becky Strickland's mugs. I've been using one for my morning coffee and one as a small flower vase. It was a new experience to be the source of the red dot on the gallery wall!

For anyone else in Atlanta, the show at the Swan Coach House is up until (I think) the middle of April, and there's a great mix of art at some fairly affordable prices.