Thursday, February 25, 2010


So the last time I posted, many months ago, I was going on about vintage chairs....

Since then, one family member lost his fight with brain cancer, another family member battled breast cancer, we've added another four-legged critter to the household, and suddenly -at this late date- I've turned into a fitness convert. I think it's pretty safe to assume that the latter items relate to the first two, but don't ask me to explain it! With all the chaos and upheaval going on, I suddenly lost my blogging voice. It may be coming back, we'll see.

In the mean time, let me introduce our newest family member, Skye.
Skye, 8 weeks old in late September
This joyful girl came to us in September, from Blue Moon. I've had the pleasure of living with a couple of Great Danes over the years, but Skye is the first one we've had from puppyhood on, and it's an been quite an adventure so far. Every time she sleeps, she seems to wake up taller, or longer, or with bigger paws. See what I mean?
Skye in November

Skye in January

Skye in February
Meanwhile, a whole lotta nothing has been checked off the household renovation list, but I've got lots of new ideas and schemes.
And I've had some lucky finds on Craigslist recently.
And Smithy made a gorgeous iron grill for our as-yet-to-be-installed front door.

So please check back in soon; updates to come.


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