Monday, April 28, 2008

Lucite Love

Ok, I have a confession to make. I'll admit it, I'm feeling a little smug.

I decided at the last minute to head out to some yard sales on Saturday morning. I only made it a very short block when I realized that some neighbors had set up a sale in the front yard. And they just happened to be a group of very talented local interior designers who were getting rid of some accessories and pillows, etc. Yippee!

Oh, and one groovy little chair:

For FIVE dollars! (that's the smug part)
I am now planning on finally reorganizing guest room/study so that this can be my computer chair.

It's no secret that I love Art Deco furniture. (If that's a surprise, re-read the blog description at the top of the page.) But I also have a weakness for mod Lucite furniture, and if you're careful with the lines of the pieces, they can go together well. There's also a lot of visual appeal to see-thru, airy furniture when you're living in tight quarters.

In a quick search I came up with a couple places to find similar mod contemporary styles.

Similar base, but a different chair shape. Found here.

Similar chair shape, different base. Found here.

Or something a little curvier, found at this incredible site:

A pair like these could be pretty versatile, and they could blend in with a more traditional decor. And for any of you in the Atlanta area, one of my favorites, The Antique Factory in Chamblee did have a pair very similar to this a few months ago.

For tradition with a twist, there's the Philippe Starcke designed Louis Ghost Chair:

Sourced here, but a quick web search will turn up tons of other retailers as well.

There's always some kind of lucite furniture on Ebay, and Craigslist may surprise you as well. Happy hunting....

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David Thompson said...

The chairs with the curved arms/legs are my favourite.