Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bathroom Renovation: planning stage part II

(Click to enlarge image)

Sorry for the lightweight graphics, but the picture above is my sketch for re-working the bath vanity, etc., while maintaining the current layout. I was inspired by an old article in Domino showing separate cabinets, with a pedestal sink inbetween. Since I don't have enough actual floorspace between the left-side wall and the commode to put in a pedestal sink, I'm thinking about a wall-mounted sink like this:
I like the vintage look of the separate hot and cold faucets, but is it a bad idea in reality?

And I would like to use this pair of Deco nightstands as a sort of deconstructed vanity.

The nightstands aren't as tall as a typical counter height, but I think that with the sink at the proper height, it will all make sense. The nasty colonial green paint will be stripped off the cabinets, so that the beautiful golden oak will show.

And in a possible step of overkill, I've already painted most of the bathroom white (Pratt and Lambert's Seed Pearl), and in an attempt to use up old paint, I've added 2 horizontal bands of darker paint (P& L's Lambswool and B. Moore's Alexandria Beige) starting at the baseboard. Then I'm planning on adding a hand painted motif like this in the corners of the room, just above the top band:
I think the pattern will reinforce the carved pattern on the nightstands - if it doesn't just look insanely tacky instead. Here's some of the carving on the nightstands:
It sounds sketchy, but I think it's going to work when it's all together.

There are still some decisions to be made and a budget to be worked on...This is not going to be a quick project!


Decorno said...

Hi - i found your site (since you found mine) at a perfect time.

The separate hot/cold faucets is not great at all. We live with it in our main bathroom and it's really annoying to get separate temps of water in each faucet. The water is always too cold or too hot.

We are planning a bathroom remodel and while we will try to keep everything vintage, we're getting a single faucet in the new sink.

good luck!

Great Dame said...

Definitely perfect timing, I'm so glad you stopped by! That's exactly what I was afraid of for the separate faucets. I have vague childhood memories of handwashing dishes in my grandmother's authentic 30's or 40's kitchen sink with separate faucets - and the hot water was a bitch! VERY hot. Drat.

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