Thursday, September 11, 2008

Armchair traveler

Sorry posting has been so non-existent lately; Smithy came down with some kind of cold or flu first, and now it's my turn. Nasty stuff, I tell ya. Last night, even my hair hurt.

Since I have pretty much nothing to say, here's something much cooler to read about: Himalayan expedition. Claudia Lopez is a friend of a friend of mine. She's a very talented professional photographer and a mountain climber. And the woman is stunning on top of all that talent!

Anyway, Claudia doesn't just climb any piddly little mountains, she does the big ones. She is currently part of a team doing a climb in the Himalayas, see the link above, and they are updating a site with photos and notes via sat phone. You can read all about her on her own website HERE, and view her portfolios HERE.

Please check out the site and live vicariously.

(Photos shown here are from the Himalay expedition site, linked above.)

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