Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This and That

Random tidbits for the day....

During a stop at my local bookstore this evening, I stumbled across a magazine that I haven't seen before, BlackBook. Not something that I would normally pay all that much attention to, however, this month one of my favorite actresses is the cover girl: Emerald-eyed Scottish iconoclast Tilda Swinton! Love her!
And I'm off in just a minute to pick up Smithy from the airport. He's been off on a bohemian revel in Nevada, where this

and this

were part of the scenery.
(While I've been ogling chandeliers and lighting of an electric variety, he's been playing around with firelight and fireworks.) It's looking like a late night with a few too many stories of just how crazy the whole Burning Man experience is. Oy.

Hope to be back with more happy, pretty design items soon....

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