Monday, September 29, 2008

If the Gas Shortage continues much longer...

I may have to rig up something like this to get to work!

Surely,Miss Ophelia wouldn't mind.

All Great Dane owners are all too familiar with statements like "you need a saddle for that thing!" or the ever popular "who's walking who?!", so we might not even raise an eyebrow.

I'm kidding of course, but the gas situation here in Atlanta is pretty serious, and it's not looking like it's going to get resolved quickly. The latest word is that the shortage will continue for a few more weeks. People are freaking out, gas stations are literally out of gas, and I read that in the midst or all this, our governor is traveling in Europe today!

While the idea of a dog cart isn't likely to be a realistic mode of modern day green transportation, I did do a quick search on 'dog carts'. There is a historic tradition of dogs being used as draft animals to pull small carts - either as recreation for children, or used by tradespeople to transport goods. There's really interesting info and pictures here at this site.

And there's a modern spin on dog carts as well. See this site and this site for a sport and exercise options related to carting.


Miss Janey said...

MIss J has considered doing the same things with Junior and Jenkins. it might be a rough ride!

Silly Monkey said...

I've very familiar with the saddle comments and the "who's walking who" comments.

And of course you have to laugh each time someone makes those comments or you end up looking like you have no sense of humor.

There are several people in my Malamute Yahoo group whose dogs pull them in wheeled, sled-like carts during non-snow times.