Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Which I Make a Scene

When it comes to interior decorating, I'm something of a late bloomer.

I mean, sure, I've always cared what my home environment looked like, and I've always been influenced by my home surroundings, pleasant or bland, light-filled or dark. And I've always been an active participant in painting rooms and setting up furniture layouts. But it was only a few years ago that I really started to actively pour over interiors magazines, and start studying how rooms are put together. I figure it's the design-geek in me since interiors are just one more aspect of design.

And about 4 years ago - pretty far into my so-called adulthood - I finally found myself with the resources to start collecting a few antiques here and there. I say 'antiques', but an expert might question that. All of my favorites are less than a hundred years old. Nothing is especially expensive; I think that with the exception of Ingrid, each piece I've purchased for the house has been less than $500, often quite a bit less, thanks to the joys of Craigslist. I think the key here is collecting pieces over time, and with an eye to what makes you happy.

So, now that I have some understanding of how, and the beginnings of a collection of what, and a definite theme of when (hello, Cottage meets Art Deco!), I'm having a ball putting it all together and ahem, making a scene. (Groan)

This week, images are about putting things together to make a total scene, or, hopefully, at least a coordinated look.

Now in the study....Newly hung gallery wall .
Images are photos, prints, and old sewing pattern envelopes.
It's a work in progress.

This plus...

This, plus...

This, equals....

This grouping

As seen in the previous post, this light fixture should be on it's way to me soon. (Although, given a past experience with the French postal system, 'soon' could be interpreted to be 6-8 weeks!)

I'm pretty sure that I'll hang the light in the master bedroom, where this headboard and footboard will one day be living - once my refinishing project is finally done. I went for it with the light because of the similar floral details. I do have several of these French Deco pieces that all have similar carving, though, so the light goes with any of them.

Footboard details

Headboard with traces of old paint that need to be stripped.

Matching nightstand


Jenni said...

Great looking light fixture and nightstand.

Silly Monkey said...

Yeah, you and I were meant for each other. ;) Cottage meets art deco definitely does it for me.

I don't think things need to be 100 (or even ten) years old or a certain dollar value to be loved and enjoyed. I have a lot of reproduction things that I bought because I liked the style, not because it was old. That's not to say I don't adore old things! They do have a certain spirit that you can't get with new things. :)