Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're Ready!

Happy New Year, kids!

We are so glad to be starting off fresh with a brand new year.
The canines and I feel rested and recovered from all the holiday madness....
Well, most of us do.

And I'm ready to get back to blogging.
Look for more posts on dogs, Deco, daily life, and even a smattering of gardening info.



Silly Monkey said...

Did you make that gate? That's exactly what I need. What type of dog is the smaller brown one?

Great Dame said...

Silly Monkey, yep, my boyfriend made the gate several years ago. We could never find a dog/baby gate that was sturdy enough in a 48" height, so he welded a simple gate together. The design is pretty clever too: the gate has pivot hinges, so it can close off either of two doorways.

In real life Lucy is actually a lovely auburn color, and she's a Redbone Hound. And no, we don't hunt, coonhound or not! ;-)

Silly Monkey said...

Eli, my "old, weak, sick" German Shepherd just completely demolished my wooden swing gate. He hates being confined. I think I need to find a welder to make something like yours.