Monday, March 10, 2008

The Missed Opportunity....

can haunt you.

I am a self-professed Deco-loving Dame, and I love stumbling onto a great antiques deal. The thrill of the hunt is a big part of it, because really, at a certain point, anyone with enough jack can just walk in to an antique shop, plonk down a credit card, and leave with some lovely little thing. When funds are more limited, and the sky is certainly not the limit, thank you very much, it takes a little more work to find the fab score. That's part of the fun. And sometimes there's the one that got away.

So, on Saturday, imagine my semi-surprise to see this at the monthly Scott Antiques Market....
at a decidedly out-of-budget price.

Seriously, an +800% mark up in a week's time. Sigh. Does this mean I have a good eye?

Wouldn't it have looked lovely in the guest room/study with this chair, its little French soulmate?

With this barkcloth fabric curtain?
Next time.....

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