Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Different Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

It was a moment straight out of an antique-er's Twilight Zone on Easter Sunday....

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon when I pulled up to the curb in front of Chez Dame, and as I was beginning to cross the front yard to the door, I could hear the Herd of Dogs in our back yard with Smithy. Or rather they made it known that they heard me. So, I altered my course to walk to the back fence and say hi. On the way, I nearly walked on top of this lying in the grass:
It would seem that the Easter Bunny has a strange sense of humor, because, you see, this little gem has been missing for close to three months!

Back in early January I splurged a little on a set of French Art Deco furniture from a local dealer. First I bought the vanity, thinking that I could convert it to a bathroom vanity. (Sadly, I couldn't make the proportions of the vanity work, but the price was right, the dealer was laid back, so I eventually went back for the pair of nightstands and the bed! Not that I have a furniture problem or anything - is there a 12 step program for this?)

Anyway, the vanity comes apart into separate elements. In my heated furniture frenzy, I set the individual vanity tables in the grass as I was unloading them from the car. It is now clear that one of the feet fell off, and has apparently been blissfully living in the front yard, right under my nose, enduring rain, snow, and a variety of temperatures for the last few months. In my defense, the furniture, including the foot, had all been painted a dull sage green which is quite effective camouflage when mixed with dormant Zoysia grass and brown leaves.
Really, I swear.

So, 1) I can now stop berating myself for being a lousy antique junkie, since the vanity really did have all of its parts. See? Here's one of the pair of tables, with all its feet!

2) I can take the stack of phone books out from under the other vanity/side table in the living room, and give it back its missing limb.

3) I can stop mentally accusing Bart-the-Antiques-Dealer of secretly holding the vanity foot hostage, and playing mind games with me until he receives my final installment payment.

And 4) Looks like I need to rake the front yard this week. God knows what else might turn up.

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Miss Janey said...

A lovely piece. And now it has its missing foot again. Thansk for stopping by Miss Janey's Place adn for your good wishes.