Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ebay find of the week

This morning I missed the Best. Art. Deco. Daybed.

It was on Craigslist for $125. Yep, just $125 for a sofa that converts into a daybed, with solid burled walnut arms and decent upholstery. Upholstery in a color that matched the rest of my furniture.

I am an idiot.

Always, always call right away if you see something cool for a ridiculously low price on Craigslist. Don't send an email when you have the option to call.

I have since been obsessively looking at ebay to get my Deco fix, and came up with an entire set of furniture that is similar to Ingrid, the sofa. So, just for kicks, here's some yummy, curvy furniture to feast your eyes on. The fabric isn't my idea of heaven, but the lines are very cool.

Not bad, huh? There's even a matching rocker, although it's not as cool.
I almost feel better.

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