Saturday, March 8, 2008

Garden Inspirations

Speaking of interesting plants encountered in English gardens, here are some photos of inspiring garden spaces. All photos mine.

The Red Border at Hidcote.

Garden walls with white border beyond at Hodges.
Believe it or not, the entire house was originally built to be a dovecote.

It's much much more traditional to see the central spaces of parterres filled with flowers or even gravel. These on the other hand, had small leaded boxes containing water lilies - very clever and inspiring. The tent structure at the end of the garden is actually one of the most wonderful chicken coops I've ever seen!
More interesting use of water at the West Green House, here is the Water Parterre:

Hardscape done well, the quintessential English garden steps at Chiffchaffs House.

Those of us not actually living in so called stately homes on lots of acreage can still find garden inspiration however. Sometimes it's just a matter of being creative, and using small spaces wisely, and with a certain flair.

A little paint, a handy friend, some sweetpeas, and some ingenuity, and you too can have a truly cool cat door.

Some time, some good pruning shears, and a crazy vision, and you too can have topiary pigs and chickens. What was it Michaelangelo said? Something to the effect of carving away everything that didn't look like and elephant - or in this case, possibly, a pig.

I'll confess that I've been trying to figure out how to have a topiary Great Dane or two in the front yard!

(and for E, not a beer can salmon in sight!)


David Thompson said...

Great pics. My wife is doing a project on Art Deco and Modernist Gardens (in Australia) and wonders if you have any advice or exmples (anywhere in the world).

Great Dame said...

Hmmmm, Art Deco Modernist gardens....Now you've got ME curious, because I don't know of any! I do wonder though whether Art Deco geometry ever really made much impact on garden design? We've got some great garden design books at work, so I'll see if I can find any good examples. The few gardens I can of were conceptual plans, but never built.