Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recharging: Faith

(image via flickr)

In light of what is going on with my brother-in-law, I had a conversation the other day about how and what people do in order to recharge in times of stress. Ways to comfort yourself or support yourself when life's events get overwhelming. And that got me thinking...

I think that many, many people fall back on their religious faith in times of trouble. So, what to do if you're not really sure just what you are? Or you suspect you're not any one faith?

Take a quiz!

I stumbled onto the Belief-o-matic quiz at several years ago, and I've taken it several times. My results come up pretty much the same every time - and no, I'm not sharing - *yet. Well, I may tip my hand by saying this, but...the quiz is pretty neutral; it doesn't seem too heavy-handed in the multiple choice answers, and you can also rate how strongly you feel about each individual answer.

Check it out HERE.

*Let's just say that my top 3 results were, ahem, non-traditional.
'Neo-Pagan' was in list. (I had to look it up later!)

Feel free to discuss results if you're comfortable with it, or tell me if you hate the quiz!


Ream O Rama said...

OK, took the Quiz...gee no surprise on my end until I look below number 3...Who'da thunk it??? I had no idea there were such things as "Orthdox Quaker"

1. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (100%)
2. Orthodox Quaker (86%)
3. Liberal Quakers (83%)
4. Bah�'� Faith (77%)

Shocked to see #4 as well

Great Dame said...

E, I'm glad you took the quiz! I think it's an interesting one. I think my top three were:
1. Unitarian Universalist (100%)
2. Liberal Quakers
3. NeoPagan!!! (huh?!)
I didn't know what any these were until I took the quiz!

Mainline to Liberal Christian is a few more places down the list.
Not so sure I buy into any of this, but it's amusing food for thought. ;)