Friday, May 2, 2008

Rotund vs. Craftsmanship

Chairs by Pierre Chareau

Inspired by the Richardson Wright quotes, I decided to track down more images of the furnishings and decoration on display at the 1925 Paris Exposition. (*I've seen the event referred to as both and Exhibition and an Exposition. Which one is correct?!)

Anyway, many of the architects and designers cited as being involved include: the already mentioned Ruhlmann, Andre Groult (pink and gray boudoir), Jean Dunand (smoking room), Pierre Chareau (library) [sounds like a game of Clue, doesn't it?!] as well as Francis Jourdain, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Maurice Dufrene, Paul Follot, Renee Lalique, and Edgar Brandt.

Happily enough, lots of beautifully photographed images of their work can be found at Architonic in their Design Collector database section. The following images of seating all come from that fantastic website. As best as I can tell, the furniture is all fromapproximately 1925, and was in the exposition or is quite similar to pieces in the exposition. However, the majority of the item descriptions are in French, most of which I've long since forgotten. So, any French-speaking Deco buffs please chime in with translations!

Jean Dunand wood and painted metal chair

Ruhlmann's Hydravion chairs in leather, very similar to the chairs pictured the the Lord and Taylor room.

Pierre Chareau chair, in velvet with petit point embroidery of woman's torso with floral and shell motifs.

If I were going to have a throne this would be IT!

Black and White images of the Pavilions and furnished interiors can be found at this site.

More furniture eye candy can be found at The Graham Gallery.

If you like any of this, please check out the Art Deco links to the right of the page, including David's Art Deco Buildings site.


thombeau said...

OMG, those top chairs are absolutely amazing!

Great Dame said...

Aren't they crazy?!

Miss Janey said...

They're ALL gorgeous but like Thombeau, Miss J is most smitten with teh top duo.