Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jimmy's Bathroom

Have I ever told you about Jimmy?

Probably not, it's a little embarassing. You see, almost a year ago, while I was on a construction site at work, I sustained an injury. That sounds dramatic and conjures up all kinds of garish images doesn't it? Well, that's not the case. At all.

What really happened is that I was doing an easy-peasy walk through on a completed residential site, with a contractor. We were both stepping up onto a very low wall. Think one tall step. I felt a weird pop in my knee. I shook it off, bent the knee a few times, and continued on with my meeting. A couple doctor's visits later I discovered that it was a torn ACL with additional cartilage damage. Nice.

(Not my knee, image via HERE)

Apparently, I'm one rickety dame when it comes to outdoor physical exertion. Who knew?

Fast forward to knee surgery at Christmas, when I received a 'donor graft' of a shiny, slightly used ligament.

Smithy and I were talking a week or so afterward, and he was teasing me and saying that if I developed Restless Leg Syndrome now, it might require an exorcism. And that the Seinfeld reference to the Jimmy Leg took on a whole new meaning. Naturally, my right knee is now called Jimmy.

And Jimmy has opinions. He doesn't especially like cold rainy days, but when it comes right down to it, he can't actually predict rain. He can be kinda grouchy without actually doing anything extraordinary like being prescient. Nonetheless, I am glad and grateful to have him aboard.

So imagine my surprise, when a month or so ago, I got a call from my insurance rep. While Jimmy is marvelously functional, he's not quite 100%. Apparently, this entailed me, as Jimmy's new host, to a small amount of compensation for that tiny percentage of not-quite-rightness. Right on.

After much mulling, I've decided to put a small sum towards a bathroom makeover.
Naturally, it's Jimmy's Bathroom, and he has lots of ideas.....


Silly Monkey said...

And knees are very opinionated when it comes to design. You may end up giving into some of his ideas. What are they, by the way?

Great Dame said...

Oh, have no fear, I'll be posting lots of pretty pictures this week! And then, when I finally lock in on a design, I can say that Jimmy made me do it. Perfect!

Thanks for dropping in SillyMonkey.