Thursday, July 31, 2008

Latest Obsession: Lighting Part II

There are some weeks when eBay is the perfect crack-like addiction. The last two weeks must have been a case of perfect timing, and I've barely come up for air. The dogs are thoroughly bored, and I haven't talked to my mother in a week, but damn if I haven't come up with some fun things to look at!

I've been scouring through lighting listings, looking for the ideal combo of great looks and moderate price. While I'm not trying to recreate some kind of museum vignette in the bathroom remodel, I would like to keep the feel of an older cottage. The house was built in 1917, and believe it or not, it was built pre modern conveniences like an indoor toilet. (There is evidence of the old privy in the basement, but let's not talk about that.) Since there' s no real bathroom to match up to, I figure anything from the 20's to the 40's is fair game for the look I'm going for.

So here' s some more images that have caught my eye....

I shopped victoriously alright, so a few items will be winging their way to me soon via priority mail. I'm really excited about this one:

I think it ties in nicely with the carved flowers on this:

Yes, the painted mounting fixture at the top is garish as hell. I was thinking about painting it white, but Smithy insists that it's been like that for going on 70 years, so I'd probably just screw it up if I painted it. (Thanks for the vote of confidence, Babe.) I'll leave it as is for now; the space is small enough that you may not ever have distance to catch of a view of the ceiling mount anyway. Especially if you're 5'-2" like me.

Due to my eBay addiction, I also got a little carried away, and 'victoriously' landed myself another project.

This one is slated for the bedroom. I think it has great potential, but right now it needs everything: new wiring, new mounting fixture, new sockets, slip shades. Not exactly a smokin' deal. However, the folks at my local lighting store, Lamp Arts, are going to love me soon.

Post brought to you by the latest member of Ebay Addicts United.


Ream O Rama said...

I say if you want to paint the freakin' fixture you just tell Smithy to kiss your butt....just as soon as he gets down off the ladder and hands you the paint brush LOL
mmmmmwaaaahhh from me to y'all

Great Dame said...

Amen, sister! Smithy stoutly swears off anything that involves electricity, so he won't be the one up on the ladder. Unfortunately, he also TRIES to swear off of other minor repair work, with less success. ;)

Miss Janey said...

Miss Janey is definitely a member of Ebay Anonymous. Congrats on the grest finds. They're fabulous.

PS MIss J likes the garish floral trim, too.

Silly Monkey said...

OMG! Light porn! LOL. That last light (the metal one) is to die for! I'm so jealous!

Great Dame said...

LOL, 'lighting porn'. Exactly. Thanks, all of you, for appreciating the quirky finds. And thanks even more for stopping by. You guys make me laugh!