Monday, July 28, 2008

Latest Obsession: Lighting

With the great bathroom makeover of '08 on my mind (constantly), I've been on the prowl for interesting vintage or vintage-looking lighting. In fact, I've been rather obsessed!

Here are a few lovelies that have caught my eye; sadly, some were out of my budget or I was outbid on eBay.

I've gone from interest in straightforward, fairly modest styles like these porcelain sconces, to progressively more elaborate ones.

I'm even starting to like the look of antique brass:

This eBay miss is my favorite though. The mustard-gold vertical thingy, whatever it's called, is made of bakelite!


Silly Monkey said...

Does the hand come with it? :) It's beautiful. My favorite is the porcelain sconces! I have some black porcelain sconces on each side of my bathroom mirror, but they aren't quite as nice as those. The shades aren't on yet, but they are deco skyscraper style from Rejuvenation. Rejuvenation has gotten an awful lot of my money in the past few months. Have you looked at their site?

Miss Janey said...

Oh, MIss J loves vintage lighting fixtures. Even fake vintage lighting fixtures.

Anonymous said...

Can you help me find a yellow 1920s period porcelain bathroom wall sconce to match the one that was broken when the ceiling fell due to a burst pipe (the oil company did not fill the tank as promised....)?